A few testimonials from my clients and co-workers:

"While consulting for SMIF, I was charged with coming up with a high-level strategy for re-working their IT infrastructure - with an emphasis on open source and bringing things in-house - and also with identifying, interviewing, and recruiting a small team that would be capable of making the plan a reality.

We hired Tomasz Kotarba to lead that team. His resume was outstanding and in our two interviews we were unable to fault his technical knowledge. Tomasz is extremely intelligent and relentlessly analytical.

Over the next 6 months, Tomasz worked incredible hours, under constant stress, to effect the transition. He interacted well with management and in turn managed his IT manager well. His tasks were often complex. When we brought in specialized networking consultants to explain the current setup, Tomasz knew much more about the technical details of their business than they did. He put multi-homed machines together, built firewalls, bastion hosts, VPNs, and dealt with all manner of arcane networking issues.

Tomasz also taught himself Plone and, programming in Python, implemented a complex bespoke information management system for the entire company. This work was so good that apart from being used internally, it was used by management to showcase SMIF's technical prowess and operational efficiency.

Throughout, Tomasz showed the highest level of professionalism and the deepest level of technical knowledge. It was an awesome combination. I was personally delighted to work with him, especially seeing as I was charged with taking over in case Tomasz was not capable of anything - but he was so good that my role simply became one of considering options, talking to Tomasz, and confirming to management that he knew exactly what he was doing, that his decisions were sound, and encouraging them to trust him."

-- dr Terry Jones, CTO @ Fluidinfo (Tim O’Reilly’s favourite startup (Business Insider, 2011))
[At the time, SMIF was one of Europe’s largest infrastructure investment and management groups with total gross assets under management of circa £4 billion.  SMIF has been acquired by LST for £927 million.  After a successful integration with the new company's ICT infrastructure, I was asked to maintain and further develop the specialized PPP/PFI management information system I had created to run SMIF.]

"... a talented developer who was able to rapidly understand the issues to be resolved and offer excellent technical solutions which when presented fitted the requirement excellently."
-- Graham, Head of Research IT Applications and Services

"The speed of turnaround from the beginning of the project to implementation was impressive. In a short time we had a robust, fully functioning mini-application with features that surpassed our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with ..."
-- Ben, Senior Communications Officer

"... a master python developer with an enviable knowledge of modern web development technologies.  He writes elegant code and thinks clearly and logically about IT problems."
-- Simon, Enterprise Architect

"... a delight to work with. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but he is also a great collaborator. He analysed the requirements and then delivered."
-- Susan, Head of Web and Mobile Services

"... worked with us to develop a code source for Silva which enables our academic departments to easily display content from our degree programme marketing database in their websites... quickly understood our requirements and delivered a solution which was perfect for our needs in a very short timescale. A pleasure to work with"
-- Ian, Head of Publications and Marketing Services

"... able to adapt quickly to our team processes ... approached each project with a positive attitude ... able to think creatively to forge solutions to complex web development challenges, and we will benefit from his involvement for a long time to come"

-- Ralph, Web Support Officer